posted Aug.28.16 at 12:00 am

I'll be posting a bunch of new concept art and cuddly (nsfw?) bonus goodies on >>>Patreon<<< on September 1st for my $5 tier!  


$5 peeps will also have the option of getting Chapter 2 of Persephone, which should be ready by September 2nd.  Those who pledge in September will have to wait until October for access to Persephone, but you will still be able to see all the other concept art I have posted to Patreon up until now!


To give you all a little heads up, my birthday is the 6th and my wedding is the 10th, so I might be too busy to update that week.  I apologize if that's what happens, but know that I will post wedding pics as soon as I can.  Thank you all for your well wishes, I really appreciate it!