Posted December 1, 2019 at 01:35 am

For all of you out there with your own comics, you need a palette page if you don't already have one. Especially if you're like me and you have multiple comics that all have slight variations in border space, font size, and the like. You should have all your swatches organized in a way that makes sense to you and maybe throw in a few pre-made palettes to play around with in your backgrounds. I find a lot of nice ones on Design Seeds but Pinterest is a useful tool to help sort through them.

I really don't like a lot of my old concept art, and I'd much rather put together some new stuff. This is where we begin!

To those out of the loop, FTTN is currently on indefinite hiatus while I work on Tigress Queen and Patreon-exclusive comics. Posts here will be sporadic in the meantime. 

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