Oy, guys...
posted Aug.09.17 at 12:00 am
So a lot of comments are trying to liken this whole event with rape and pedophilia...
NO. No no no no no. I will NEVER EVER EVER make some kind of covert analogy to rape in my comics. There is absolutely nothing remotely sexual going on here. The dragon considers the goblins to be his SONS. Not TOYS. If I were to ever represent serious subjects like those they would be direct but not shown. I have instances of assault, such as the goatherd with Kizarasunga and the bandit with Kelu's sister-in-law, but I will never include rape in my comics. I do not approve of rape as a plot device and I am not the kind of storyteller to create narratives with hidden meanings.
The goblins got bitten. That's it. Song isn't uncomfortable because the dragon's tail touched him, he's uncomfortable because the dragon is telling Kelu things he doesn't want her to hear. It's complicated, but it'll be explained later.
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