I'm alive!
Posted October 12, 2016 at 12:00 am

Ok, so I'm back home!  Our house wasn't damaged but we were lucky.  The storm tore some rather large trees out by the roots all over my neighborhood.  We spent Monday hauling tree limbs and other debris to the street.  There are people who still don't have power and have put cardboard signs saying such in their yard since they can't contact the power company.  Some businesses are open even though their lights won't come on (but their registers work).  Despite some flooding, power issues, and downed trees, there doesn't seem to be much damage done to any buildings that I've seen.  Haven't noticed any broken windows or blue tarps on roofs.  I think we pulled through this storm just fine, but the media hyped it up so much that the next time we get a serious storm no one will take it as seriously.  Just because you came through this one unscathed doesn't mean you're some kind of untouchable.  If you are told to evacuate then do so.

All that said, HERE IS A HUG.

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